Mango Margarita


Tequila Exotico Blanco and mango liqueur, a meeting that fills the drinks with new light.

Key Ingredients:

Tequila Exotico Blanco Agave blu 100% | Mango Liquer Bols | Ancho Reyes Liqueur | Organic Citric Acid | Toschi Liquid Sugar | Water | 100ML | 17.4% |
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We’ll take you home or wherever you like, with a high quality and exciting tasting experience. Treat yourself or give someone you love a wonderful sensory moment. Our cocktails are created by top mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and produced in entirely recyclable packaging .

History of Mango Margarita

Set up your outdoor home bistro and serve a Mango Margarita, the tequila-based cocktail created for the late summer afternoon. Made with a blend of 100% Tequila Exotico Blanco blue agave and mango liqueur, a spicy touch could not be missing to create the right atmosphere. The Mango Margarita was created by our ingenious mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, who thought of the pre-evening aperitif as the perfect moment to enjoy this cocktail, without wasting time preparing it. All you have to do is shake, pour over ice and serve: your quality cocktail is ready, just like at the bar. The González are one of the most respected producers of Exotico Tequila in Mexico: Tequila Blanco, produced by this renowned family of distillers for four generations, was born in the highlands of Jalisco. The typical red clay soil favors the growth of large, sweet agave plants. When after 7-15 years they reach the right maturation, the best leaves are cooked, fermented and distilled to obtain a tonic and spicy liqueur.