Who, what and why NIO is revolutionizing the world of social drinking.

NIO Cocktails is born from young and visionary Italian entrepreneurs who have decided to overturn the habits of drinking alcohol, making easily accessible already mixed cocktails that can be drunk in every place and every occasion.

We are all used to drinking a Negroni or a Margarita exclusively where we can find a good bartender: at the bar, at aperitif venues or at events. Preparing for oneself a cocktail is complex and expensive and that is why consumption to date has been confined to out of home. NIO brings quality cocktail making home with an easy solution.


NIO is the answer.  

The idea is to bring the art of an experienced mixologist and the best spirits into the hands of the final consumer to expand cocktail consumption moments. With NIO just have a glass full of ice, shake the envelope, pour the contents and each can drink his favorite cocktail.

Alessandro Palmarin

Commercial Director and Co-founder


Luca Quagliano

Ideator and founder


Massimo Palmieri

Marketing Director