Discover Espresso Martini, the summer cocktail with an energizing effect that will give you a shake

Discover Espresso Martini, the summer cocktail with an energizing effect that will give you a shake

The days start early and the sky spends late, the heat rages, things to do are many...and exhaustion makes you feel strong and clear. It’s time for an aperitif or a relaxing drink after dinner, but the idea of a cocktail that gives the feeling of generating even more heat makes you pass the urge. What if we told you that there are cocktails perfect for the summer, fresh, refreshing and even energizing?

Our master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi has carefully studied the best recipes to reinterpret in order to obtain tastes that conquer the palate even with the most suffocating heat, creating a selection of cocktails to adore and sip in the city, at the sea, in the mountains and wherever you want.

Espresso Martini is among them: ideal for all coffee lovers in all its variations, it is the cocktail that you have always missed in your post-dinner relaxing. Intense, full-bodied, enveloping, intoxicating from the first sip, an 100% summer cocktail it dates back to the 80's, when the English bartender Dick Bradsell created it for a famous model (probably Kate Moss, or Naomi Campbell: nobody knows the truth) who was looking for an energizing shake.

The historical recipe of Espresso Martini

The original recipe of Espresso Martini by Bradsell is composed by:

  • Vodka (a real must in ’80) as the main ingredient,
  • Coffee Liqueur ,
  • a little cup of espresso
  • and sugar.

Simple, but effective: a concentration of strong flavors that, together, achieve the perfect harmony for an aperitif or an after-dinner refreshing as at the bar.

Espresso Martini, the historical name of the cocktail

It seems that this delicious cocktail has been renamed with several names throughout its history, but the original (and our favorite) remains " The Pharmaceutical Stimulant", for many then abbreviated in the simplest "The Stimulant" because of its energizing properties. In Australia it is also known as "The Black Pearl", that brings a breath of freshness to your mixology moment.

Espresso Martini, the recipe by NIO Cocktails

Patrick Pistolesi decided to create the Espresso Martini by NIO Cocktails with two simple ingredients, as always quality ones, both with an important history worthy of a premium mixology:

  • the Family Made Vodka Ketel One, in 2020 nominated for the eighth year in succession the best-selling vodka in the world, produced in the Netherlands in a copper still,
  • and the Fair coffee liqueur, made from Arabica coffee beans grown in the mountains of eastern Mexico by small producers in the Huatusco region, grouped into a Fairtrade certified cooperative.

Espresso Martini, the perfect garnish

How to enjoy our Espresso Martini at its best? Obviously with the addition of the garnish suggested by Patrick for a complete tasting experience: 3 coffee beans are enough to add to the drink and the game is done.

Espresso Martini and food pairing

This cocktail is not only an invigorating aperitif, but also an ideal companion: it is fantastic if accompanied by a good rich tiramisu.

Try Espresso Martini and build your box with your favourite NIO cocktails